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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Trip To The Paisley Muesum

At about 20 minutes to 10 we were all seated and settled on the bus. We arrived in the muesum. The lecturer was called Dave. He showed us how to use 'Morfo'.Every pair was distributed an iPad. We took a picture. We also added a face, eyes, nose and a mouth. There were many actions. You can make it dance, put make-up on and some more. We watched our Morfo results. They were amazing!! We were told to find an object and research it. After 5 minutes we began our Real Morfos. When we had finished our Morfos we viewed them on a big screen.

Our next app was called 'Tellegami'. On Tellegami you design your own character the way you want them to look. You can change the hair, eyes and other essentials. You can take a picture of anything to set as a background. Everyone loved seeing other people's fantastic films made on Tellegami. This trip was amazing!!!!


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